About the Fairy Dance

Fairy Dance is a duo consisting of Achilleas Touloudis and Yerasimos Dimovasilis. Individually they have a long history of playing various musical instruments and they have been involved in many different musical genres in the past. Fairy Dance were born in 2013, when they started sharing and creating music together, playing at various festivals. Since then they have played in several happenings, schools etc and they are occasionally joined by other musicians in their performances.

Their music is consisting mainly of traditional Celtic music from Ireland, Scotland, Bretagne etc, played in their own personal way, but also includes older music from the Medieval and Renaissance ages. Most of their repertoire is traditional, though there are also new compositions and long improvisations, calling the listener to an enchanted Fairy Dance. Occasionally they create healing soundscapes with Tibetan Singing Bowls and Shakuhachi. Their music establishes a connection with the Earth and at the same time opens the heart of the listener, unveiling the child we all have inside us. That is why it has been described as “music from the fairy land”.

The basic instruments Fairy Dance use are acoustic guitar, flute, recorders and tin whistles but also overtone flutes, shruti box, bells, bodhran, daouli, singing bowls and shakuhachi.